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Tamara Gignac - More Moments

"Living with cancer makes every minute, every moment meaningful. That is what I live for."

- Tamara Gignac

Together we’re creating more moments for Albertans facing cancer

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Report to Investors 2014


Reort to Investors 2014


Your return on investment is the most powerful one we can imagine: more lives saved from cancerLearn More

Cancer Stories


Cancer Stories


The Alberta Cancer Foundation and our donors are making a difference for Albertans' facing cancer and their families. Here's How

Progress Report - Spring 2015


Progress Report - Spring 2015


Progress Report - Spring 2015
You are making life better for Albertans facing cancer. Thank you.
Learn More

Breast Cancer

Investment Priorities

Breast Cancer

Every day, 6 Albertans are diagnosed with breast cancer. Many will receive Taxane Chemotherapy, an effective drug that can improve cancer survival. But it only works half the time.

Alberta Cancer Foundation Clinical Trials

Investment Priorities

Clinical Trials

Thanks to you, the Alberta Cancer Foundation has supported clinical trials at the Cross Cancer Institute and turn that research into action for Albertans like Trevor Sauer.

Alberta Cancer Foundation Patient Financial Assistance Program

Investment Priorities

Patient Financial Assistance Program

Because of investments in the Alberta Cancer Foundation’s Patient Financial Assistance Program, hundreds of Albertan families are able to focus on healing rather than making ends meet when faced with a cancer diagnosis.

Alberta Cancer Foundation - Lung Cancer Screening

Investment Priorities

Lung Cancer Screening

This year alone, nearly 2000 Albertans are expected to be diagnosed with lung cancer. Sadly, 1700 will die. We are impatient for progress. We know there is a need for new and effective treatment options. Together, we can make a difference by investing in Lung Cancer.

Alberta Cancer Foundation - Glioblastoma

Investment Priorities


Thanks to research powered by the Alberta Cancer Foundation, Doug hassel has been given more days with his family, while enjoying a good quality of life. See how your support has impacted Doug's cancer journey.

Alberta Cancer Foundation - Biobank

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A biobank stores biological samples for research purposes – but the Alberta Cancer Research Biobank is much more than that.


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