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Alberta Cancer Foundation

The Alberta Cancer Foundation

The Alberta Cancer Foundation is more than a charity. It's a movement for cancer-free lives today, tomorrow and forever. It's  a movement of those who know a cancer-free future is possible and who won’t settle for “some day.” It's a movement of those who stand with Albertans who have no choice but to stand up to cancer. It's a movement of those who know something can be done and are willing to do it. For those facing cancer today, in honour of those lost to cancer, and for generations to come, we promise progress.


To deliver progress in cancer research, prevention, treatment and care by generating community investment for Alberta's coordinated research strategy, the Cross Cancer Institute, Tom Baker Cancer Centre and 15 other cancer centres throughout the province.

Strategic Plan 2012 - 2017

The last decade brought unprecedented advances in cancer treatment and prevention. Experts used to say knowledge doubled every eight years. Now, estimates range between one and three years. That means we may know twice as much about cancer today as we did three years ago. And in just a couple more years, we’ll know twice as much again. The first cancer genomes have already been mapped and information technology allows researchers to gather and test information faster than ever before. We have reached an unmatched pace of knowledge acceleration. 

Read more in our Strategic Plan 2012 - 2017

Why donate to the Alberta Cancer Foundation?

Your dollar stays in Alberta to support Albertans: The Alberta Cancer Foundation is the only charity responsible for raising funds to support Alberta's coordinated cancer research strategy. And we're the only charity responsible for supporting care at the Cross Cancer Institute, Tom Baker Cancer Centre and Alberta's 15 associate and community cancer centres.

Your dollar fights all cancers—or the one that concerns you most. The Alberta Cancer Foundation funds a collaborative, comprehensive program that ultimately improves prevention and treatment for all cancers. Some Alberta Cancer Foundation fundraisers support specific cancer types, however, and donors may target a particular cancer with their gift. Knowledge gained about a particular cancer can often be meaningful for other cancers. Panels of local and international cancer experts advise the Alberta Cancer Foundation on where donations should be invested to have the greatest impact.

Your dollar fights cancer on every front: research, prevention, screening, early diagnosis, education, treatment and care.

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Registered Charity

The Alberta Cancer Foundation is a Registered Charity - Business Number 11878 0477 RR0001


A registered charity means a charitable organization, public foundation, or private foundation that was established in Canada and is resident in Canada. It is operated for charitable purposes and must devote its resources to charitable activities. A registered charity has received a Registration Number from the Canada Revenue Agency and is exempt from paying tax on its revenue. It can issue donation receipts for gifts that it receives. For more information, visit the Canada Revenue Agency website.  



Andrea Wierenga

Survivor who asked for donations in lieu of wedding gifts.
“I’m living proof that you can beat it.”