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Welcome to the Music for Hope fundraising page
March 16th 2013
Welcome to the Music for Hope fundraiser page!

This fundraiser is important to everyone involved and we thank you for coming to our fundraising webpage. It is also very important to the thousands of Albertans affected by cancer each year.

The funds from this fundraiser are going to the Alberta Cancer Foundation, to help attract and retain top researchers and clinicians and provide them with the resources they need to develop better cancer prevention, detection and treatment.

Every dollar raised stays right here in Alberta, so please consider making a donation to this fundraiser!

Thank you for visiting the Music for Hope fundraiser page. Together, we can save the day and reach our goal of a cancer-free future!

My name is Isaac McNeill and I am setting up a charity benefit gala with a silent auction and live auction for the Alberta Cancer Foundation in Fort Saskatchewan. The event is planned for March 16th 2013 and this is the second year for the “Music for Hope” gala.

 During our first event on March 17th 2012 we were able to raise $13,237.81 for the Alberta Cancer Foundation and a check was presented on March 27th 2012!


  Mom-made inspiration


My main reason to organize this event is to honor my mom. In 1999 she was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia at the young age of 45. In 2002 she went through a non-related bone marrow transplant at the Tom Baker centre in Calgary. We lived in Fort Saskatchewan most of her treatments and appointments were at the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton. While my mom was going through her treatments and transplant she was very ill. She was taken to the emergency room more times than I care to count and we were told on 5 or 6 occasions that she would only have a week or days to live. To this date my mom has fought and is still with us. I am very thankful for the Doctors and Nurses at both the Cross and the Tom Baker for keeping my mom healthy and still with us. During the years since and before her transplant me and my wife were her primary caregivers and gave up almost everything to take care of her. We would do it all again without a second thought, but because we had 3 small kids my mom has now made the conscious decision to move to Strathmore, Alberta as both of my sisters live there, one in Strathmore and one in Calgary. My mom may be further away from us on a map, but she is still closer than ever in our hearts.



More family inspiration


Our family has been touched by this horrible disease not once, but three times now. My wife’s uncle is currently going through treatment for colon cancer and her other uncle unfortunately lost his battle to lung cancer a few years ago.




No One Helps, No One Heals.


Frustrated with how this Disease seems to be attacking my family and knowing that many other families face the same frustraion and tears every day, I made the decision to try and do something to combat this disease instead of just sitting back to let it take away more family members and loved ones.


Please if you are interested in helping out in anyway do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.


Also please visit us at: for more information about the event and artists performing at the gala.

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