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Ending Cancer for Good: Joan Charbonneau

Joan Charbonneau
“Donating to the Alberta Cancer Foundation is very important to our family. Losing a granddaughter at the age of four is something you never get over. It is part of our legacy to her to help others.” – Joan Charbonneau, legacy donor.

Cancer is a tragic part of our family’s story. My granddaughter died from leukemia when she was just four years old. Two years later, my husband died from prostate cancer. Our entire family has been forever changed.

From the first diagnosis, we did whatever we could to help. And over the years, I have watched the progress that has been made. In so many areas, the improvements in treatment are so great, and the minds that are working within Alberta’s cancer centres just amaze me.

To help them continue their incredible breakthroughs, I continue to support the Alberta Cancer Foundation’s annual golf tournament, give a monthly donation, and have left a gift in my will. Because anything we can do to end cancer is well worth it.

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Joan Charbonneau