BaMtastic tips and tricks to help you reach your goal

You’re fired up to shimmy shake, downward dog and jumping jack your way to breast health, but it’s your efforts with fundraising and recruiting team mates that will make the biggest impact. Here’s what you can do to get closer to your goal.

Get Going

Personalize your fundraising page online with photos and your own story, then share it with the world (or, uh, just your Facebook friends).


It seems simple but the major barrier to fundraising is simply not asking. Asking just 10 friends for $25 will get you half way to your goal!

Rally The Troops

Grab a few friends and recruit ‘em to join you! It makes fundraising as a team that much easier.

Have Some Fun

Get creative with your fundraising! Our favourites? Host a pub night with a kick back of drink sales, work the coat check at hotels, do a bottle drive in your neighbourhood (include local businesses!) or run a pie throwing competition at work (who doesn’t like pie-ing the big shots?)

Social Media


Are you a social media maven with more Facebook friends and Twitter followers than the sequins on our BaM costume? Reach out to your bosom buddies on social media and ask them to join your team or send a lil’ moolah towards your fundraising goal by sharing the link to your personal page. In no time you’ll see those dolla dolla bills come rollin’ in!



  • Update your status by linking to your fundraising page and let family and friends know that you are busting moves!
  • Thank those who have donated by tagging them in your status! Your friends love feeling loved!
  • We love hearing from you, so holler back at us on our Facebook page with your fitness goals and successes. From touching your toes to running a marathon and everything in between, we want to celebrate your progress with you! Keep in touch by posting messages, photos and videos.
  • Why are you busting moves? Get up close and personal because your story will inspire others to sing, dance, and laugh their way to breast health.


  • Mention us (@BaMEdmonton)! We’ll retweet your message to our online community, helping spread the word about the moves you are making for all breast kind!
  • Reach out to your teammates! You and your crew can inspire each other, share fun workouts, and brainstorm fundraising ideas.
  • Follow us on Twitter (@BaMEdmonton) to get up-to-the-minute news. We’re always chatting about the event, the cause, and fun Bust a Move topics.
  • Share your goals and achievements with your followers. Write what you’re doing and why others should get involved. Don’t forget to include a link to your personal fundraising page and use the hashtag #bamyeg!


  • Follow us @BustAMoveEdmonton and be sure to tag us in your photos!
  • Share a post with your followers, photograph what you’re doing and why others should get involved
  • Don’t forget to include the link to your personal fundraising page and use the hashtag #bamyeg

A to Z Booklet on Fundraising

Not sure where to get started? Start here.

Download Booklet


Call Us

Call Us: Stumped? Puzzled? Baffled? Frustrated? Whether you need posters, new fundraising ideas, or a bad joke and virtual high five, contact the Bust a Move Team at and they will be happy to help!



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