OUR GOAL: $200,000.00

Total Amount Raised: $66,471.52

Confront Cancer Ocean Row

Follow Laval on his trek across the Atlantic

Thank you for coming alongside me and supporting my efforts in helping the Alberta Cancer Foundation make life better for the 43 Albertans who are diagnosed with cancer every day. Every dollar raised will make a difference for cancer patients across the province, so please consider making a donation to this very important cause.

Shoving off in June from the safety of Halifax Harbour for the 4,500 km solo-ocean row across the Atlantic, is a sobering, yet exciting thought. Unzipping my tent door at Camp III on Everest, for the summit, with just a spare fleece jacket, one litre of water and no bottled oxygen in my backpack, was also a sobering experience . Confronting cancer is a far more sobering journey and with none of the excitement.

Thanks to my career, good health and most of all, the incredible support from my family, I have travelled and adventured around the globe. I would take photos, take home stories, take my family with me and take-in experiences, all of which have been incredible, but, there is one underlining theme: I have always taken. This fundraising initiative is my opportunity to focus on giving.

The Confront Cancer Ocean Row will be frightening, even lonely beautiful at times and physically and mentally tough, and it will be my way to confront my own fears, challenge myself and ultimately make life better for Albertans and their families facing cancer.
I am tired of watching friends and family having to shove off against their will to battle something beyond their control and far more daunting.

On behalf of every Albertan who hears the worlds, “you have cancer”, thank you for helping me support the Alberta Cancer Foundation’s mission to make life better for cancer patients across the province.

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Alberta Cancer Foundation - Making life better for Albertans facing cancer.

Every day, 43 Albertans hear the words “you have cancer”… the Alberta Cancer Foundation strives to change that. Through our bold new approach, the Alberta Cancer Foundation is speeding up progress to bring results to Alberta’s cancer patients faster. We do this because we are uniquely Albertan. Investing over $120 million into cancer research and care by 2017  – by Albertans…. For Albertans.

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