Alberta Cancer Foundation

Spring 2023: The Future Issue

In this Issue

Dr. Egiroh Omene is Improving Quality of Life for Brain Tumour Patients

He used to score touchdowns on the football field, but Dr. Omene’s new goal is to improve the quality of life for patients with the aggressive brain tumour, glioblastoma

Dr. Elise Fear is Making Waves

A new screening technology could elevate breast cancer care, become an accessible monitoring tool for oncologists and help improve women’s health care

How Monthly Donations Make a Big Difference

Monthly donations add up to having a significant impact on cancer care and research

Now I Know My CBDs

A look at how the use of cannabis, specifically CBD and THC, can help address side-effects caused by cancer treatment

Biking with a Boost

Electric bicycles can help take your workout to the next level

Understanding Breast Cancer, From Screening to Metastatic Disease

Dr. Jeff Cao shares some information about the latest in breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and care

Planned and Strategic Giving Tips for Young Adults 

Christy Soholt, director of legacy and strategic philanthropy at the Alberta Cancer Foundation, shares her tips for young donors interested in giving back

Building Hope

The Calgary Cancer Centre will be the largest comprehensive cancer treatment and research facility in Canada when it opens in 2024

The Science of Mindful Cancer Care

Dr. Linda Carlson is passionate about helping cancer patients cope through mindfulness approaches

Care For All

These Alberta Health Services initiatives include programming that recognizes and validates diverse patient populations

On the Journey Together

Indigenous Cancer Patient Navigators help make a cancer diagnosis less overwhelming with personalized guidance and support

Breaking the Stigma: Tyler Torpe’s Story 

By sharing his experience with testicular cancer, Tyler Torpe hopes to encourage others to visit their health-care providers

New Technology: Taking Prostate Cancer Imaging to the Next Level

PSMA-PET, a cutting-edge imaging technology, could help diagnose and monitor the treatment response of prostate cancer with more accuracy and precision

Neighbours Helping Neighbours

A lively community event in Calgary created connection and helped raise funds for cancer patients in need of extra support

Research Rockstar: Dr. Charlie Butts

As a specialist in lung cancers, Dr. Charlie Butts works directly with patients and in clinical trials research

Playing Music and Paying Tribute to a Good Cause

Since 2017, GEDfest has raised tens of thousands of dollars for cancer treatment and research

Caring for Patients in Alberta’s Far North

Tracy Peddy has always helped bring quality care to patients living in some of the most rural parts of the province

Meet Jordan Turko

A targeted drug therapy has extended this 30-year-old’s life from weeks to years

Helping Bring World-Class Cancer Care to Calgary

Heather Culbert is part of the grassroots effort that helped make the new Calgary Cancer Centre a reality

Riding For a Cause

Tom Hewitt is leading big fundraising and recruitment efforts for his Enbridge Tour Alberta for Cancer team

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