Alberta Cancer Foundation

Summer 2020: Game-Changers Issue

In this Issue

Dr. Jason Tay is Exploring Improved Treatment Options for Blood Cancer Patients

By expanding treatment options, Dr. Jason Tay intends to improve the quality of life for Albertans facing blood cancer

Text4Hope is an SMS Lifeline

A free SMS-subscription service aims to comfort COVID-19 anxieties

The Benefits of Forest Bathing

Mindful sessions in the forest can help improve sleep, lower cortisol levels, pulse rate, and blood pressure

5 Ways Your Donations Are Enhancing Care and Transforming Treatment Options for Women’s Cancers

Advances in early detection, image-guided brachytherapy and the ACE program are all supported by donor generosity

4 Paddling Sports to Try

Beat the heat and try a paddling sport on the reservoir, lake or river this summer

Sustainable Seafood That is Good for Your Health and the Planet

A review of Ocean Wise seafood and a recipe for pan-seared salmon with blood orange fennel salad

The Importance of Community-based Support Programs

Patti Morris explains the comprehensive range of support and resources available for Albertans facing cancer

How Cancer Survivors Can Be Blood, Organ and Tissue Donors

Dr. Mindy Goldman, medical director of donor and clinical services at Canadian Blood Services, details donating after cancer

The Immunotherapy Revolution

Immunotherapy has emerged as the game-changing treatment of the past decade, with application in Alberta and beyond showing life-saving results

Four Decades of Innovation in Palliative Care

Since the 1980s, Alberta-based palliative care research has improved the quality of life for individuals living with advanced cancer

Person-centred Care Recognizes that No Two Cancer Experiences are Alike

The Putting Patients First tool helps provide holistic care that considers each patient’s unique experience with cancer

Robert (Bob) Dixon: A Lasting Legacy

Robert Dixon’s philanthropic spirit is remembered through his unprecedented gift to the Alberta Cancer Foundation

The Benefits of a Coordinated Province-Wide Diagnosis Program

The Accelerated Cancer Diagnosis program has a goal to streamline, coordinate and standardize the diagnosis program

Healthy Hearts

How an Albertan clinical trial made breast cancer treatment safer for women across the country

Alberta’s Cervical Cancer Screening Program Marks its 20th Anniversary

It’s one of the most robust screening programs in Canada

Meet Ian Robinson

Ian Robinson is living well with cancer by advocating for men’s health and making every day count

Research Rockstar: Dr. Luc Berthiaume

Cell biologist, Dr. Luc Berthiaume is developing a potentially life-saving drug

Dr. Don Morris: Cancer Care Champion

Through his expertise in research, teaching, clinical work and as an administrative leader, Dr. Don Morris has worked across the board to advance cancer care in Calgary

Moving Forward

Atieh Behravesh reflects on the support she received from the Breast Cancer Supportive Care Clinic

A Duty to Share

Elisabeth Mühlenfeld honours her husband, Reinhard, and his extraordinary generosity

The Give’r Project Invites Albertans to Give Where They Live

Long-time fundraiser, Andrew Gregory, believes there is no finish line for giving back

Walking for a Cause

West Edmonton Mall’s Walk Against Cancer event raises funds through strides and good vibes

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