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More time to make more memories.

Your experiences can inspire hope.

Whether it’s the promise of another birthday, or the chance to walk a daughter down the aisle, people find hope in experiences both big and small during their cancer journey. It’s these moments we want to highlight.

The videos memories you’ve documented since you or your loved one’s cancer diagnosis can help us tell a powerful story. Anything, clips from dinner parties with friends to home movies from grandkids’ college graduations, we want to show Albertans all the wonderful things their donations are empowering people to experience.

So if you have special memories captured, and want to potentially be part of our next project to inspire others, you can upload it below.


We’re looking for all kinds of experiences, so nothing is too small or insignificant. And you don’t have to be Steven Spielberg, we’re just looking for authentic videos of people impacted by cancer living their best life.

Send any length of video, the only limitation is file size (maximum 50MB).

We’d love to see those as well. Just upload them below.

June 26, 2024

Real Stories. Real People. Big Impact.


You never know whose life you could change simply by opening up about your own.

At the Alberta Cancer Foundation, we believe no one should have to face cancer alone. Together, we have the power to influence the way cancer is prevented, detected and treated, and ensure that every patient in Alberta has access to the best treatments and care, including community support.

We are grateful to you for sharing your stories and inspired by your courage.

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      What Happens Next?

      Thank you for sharing your story with the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

      We read every story that is submitted to us. If we decide we’d like to feature you and your story, one of our staff will contact you for more information and to ask if you’d like to be featured in our blog, where we regularly publish the stories of Albertans facing cancer. These stories are also often featured in various Alberta Cancer Foundation emails, newsletters, and social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.