Alberta Cancer Foundation

4 Ways Your Donation Helps to Reduce Risk and Detect Cancer Earlier

Although the number of people being diagnosed with cancer is going up, survival rates are increasing, largely thanks to improvements in reducing risk and early detection. Catching cancer early can lead to improved treatment plans and better outcomes. The Alberta Cancer Foundation invests in research, programs and initiatives that support reducing risk and early detection.

Blood Tests

Clarity-DX Prostate is a reliable, non-invasive blood test, currently in clinical trial, that has the ability to accurately identify prostate cancer, thereby reducing unnecessary biopsies and surgeries for patients. Breast CancerScout is also a clinical trial blood test that has the potential to change breast cancer screening protocols by becoming a key screening tool with accurate results.

Lung Cancer Screening

A pilot project researching options for lung cancer screening will allow cancer to be detected at an early stage, when curative treatment is still an option.

Alberta’s Tomorrow Project

With more than 55,000 Albertans taking part, this project is identifying components that determine why some people get cancer, and others don’t.

Coming to a Town Near You

The mobile mammography unit can provide breast cancer screening to over 120 rural communities around Alberta.

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