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5 Ways Your Donation Has Made An Impact On Cancer Statistics in Alberta

More than 20,000 Albertans are expected to be diagnosed with cancer in 2019. Thanks, in part, to the support of Alberta Cancer Foundation donors, researchers and health-care professionals are making advancements every day. Thanks to their efforts, more than 120,000 Albertans diagnosed with cancer are alive today. Improvements in early detection and treatment options also mean Albertans with cancer are living longer. Here a few ways your support has made a difference to the big picture.

Early Detection

Thanks to early detection initiatives, breast cancer is considered 95% curable if caught early.

Clinical Trials

Thanks to immunotherapy clinical trials, survival rates for late-stage melanoma have improved from 20% to 60%.

Survival Rate

The five-year survival rate for localized prostate cancer is close to 100%.

The Right Direction

Between 2001-2016, Alberta’s cancer incidence rates have declined by 0.5% annually.

Living Longer

Mortality rates are decreasing in Alberta, falling on average by 1.8% annually since 2004.

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