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5 Ways Your Donations Are Enhancing Care and Transforming Treatment Options for Women’s Cancers

Thanks to generous donors like you, the Alberta Cancer Foundation invests in the most promising clinical trials, research initiatives and innovative technology that seek to improve the treatment and care of women facing ovarian, cervical and breast cancer. We holistically support patients across the province by focusing our efforts on reducing risk, detecting cancer earlier, improving treatment and enhancing quality of life. Here are some examples of how your support makes a difference.

Syantra DX Breast Cancer

A Calgary-made blood test called Syantra DX Breast Cancer, developed by Syantra, has the potential to change breast cancer screening protocol for women. This accurate and non-invasive test could become a key tool for detecting breast cancer, allowing Albertans to be diagnosed earlier. Clinical trials are underway and Syantra plans to make the test available in 2021.

Improving the Detection of Metastatic Breast Cancer

A Calgary-based research team has identified blood-based biomarkers that are associated specifically with bone metastasis (cancer spread to bone). The study aims to identify breast cancer patients who are at risk of, or have already developed, bone metastasis before symptoms arise. Earlier detection will yield targeted treatment plans and improved outcomes.


Image-guided brachytherapy is optimizing the treatment of cervical cancer. This innovative approach delivers small radioactive sources at an optimal dose to a precise treatment area, reducing the toxicity of traditional radiation, limiting possible damage to surrounding tissue and improving patient quality of life.

Alberta Cancer Exercise (ACE)Program: HEAL-Me Application

This easy-to-access, at-home program offers personalized exercise, physiotherapy and nutrition programs for cancer patients and survivors. Studies indicate it reduces treatment side-effects and improves fitness outcomes after one year of participation.

Stand Up to Cancer Initiative

A “dream team” of researchers across Canada is working collaboratively to share resources and data that will help guide breakthrough research for women facing advanced breast cancer. In Alberta, this initiative is supporting pre-clinical work that will guide alterations and improvements in a metastatic breast cancer clinical trial.

Thanks to the generous support of donors, breast cancer patients in Alberta whose tumours have the genetic profile HER2-positive now have access to an effective, potentially life-saving drug. Read more here.

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