Alberta Cancer Foundation

50,000 Strong

Funded in part by the Alberta Cancer Foundation, its primary goal is to discover more about what causes cancer so that the disease may be prevented in the future.

The research project hopes to have 50,000 volunteers who’ve never had cancer join the long-term study. Sign up this spring to take part in this landmark study. The Tomorrow Project will follow Albertans ages 35 to 69 for the next 50 years, using a series of questionnaires and surveys to gather information on lifestyle, plus blood specimens and other samples.

strongRESEARCH IN ACTION: A participant at the Tomorrow Project study centre in Calgary will have an impact on future health care.

There are centres in Calgary and Edmonton that are designed to work with 350 volunteers per week to conduct the study. You can choose to participate in person or by mail only, although you’ll be asked to consider attending a centre for body measurements and saliva, blood and urine sampling. The three requirements to volunteer: you’ve never have been diagnosed with cancer (except non-melanoma skin cancer); your primary residence is in Alberta; and you’re between 35 and 69 years of age.

This is the largest long-term study of its kind in Canada and it will provide invaluable data for health researchers into the future. Fifty per cent of Albertans will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime and 25 per cent will die from it.
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