Alberta Cancer Foundation

A Flesh Wound?

The two draw swords and King Arthur bests the Black Knight. Not admitting that he’s been beaten, the Black Knight, mortally wounded and unable to move, comes up with the famous line: “Come on then, it’s only a flesh wound.”

Anyone who has tried to convince a stubborn loved one to see the doctor has a basic understanding of what it might be like to square off with the Black Knight. And the folks at the British Columbia Men’s Health Initiative would be the first to tell you that if anyone is minimizing a health concern, it’s likely to be the man of the house.

An interdisciplinary project aimed at bettering men’s health outcomes, the Men’s Health Initiative is, in part, a response to that attitude. Phase one of the project is an interactive website meant to educate the public and also the practitioners who care for men.

If you know a man who knows more about hockey stats than he does about his health, is a good place to start on the road to taking charge of their health. Sometimes it’s more than a flesh wound.