Alberta Cancer Foundation

A Week in His Shoes

Monday: Put lab coat on. Review notes students and technologists took regarding samples from the bank. Study specimens, make comments – all a reminder that my hardcore lab work is in the past.

Tuesday: Lead University of Alberta lecture about the development and purpose of the tumour bank.

Wednesday: Pound away on computer keyboard at home in the morning. Transfer information to work. Keep pounding.

Thursday: Meet with funding agencies to prove reasons tumour bank needs more research money. Pound on keyboard, pound on head. Keyboard again.

Friday: Consult with co-researchers regarding paper on Genome-Wide Association Studies.

Saturday: Check emails – so many! Watch a movie with Vijaya and discuss plans, meals and decorations for the Christmas season.

Sunday: Call Deepti (elder daughter) in Toronto to see how her medical residency is going. Call Swathi (younger daughter) in Calgary to check on biomedical engineering PhD studies. Review next week’s calendar. Just as busy, but totally different.