Alberta Cancer Foundation

Come Fly With Me

Picture the fluid grace of a perfectly cast fly, and the gentle plunk of it landing in the water. It’s more about putting yourself on that sunny stream bed in quiet companionship than it is about catching fish. Isn’t it time you had a weekend away?

Let’s face it, book club retreats aren’t for everyone. Since 1997, Casting for Life has been providing women recovering from breast cancer with the opportunity to learn fly fishing and fly tying on a three-day retreat. It’s a sweet weekend away from it all, not to mention the potential for rehab benefits – with breast cancer treatment, some women lose mobility and experience arm pain and swelling that can be improved with gentle exercise.

If you are a breast cancer survivor whose treatment has been completed for six or more months, and you haven’t previously attended Casting for Life, consider joining the group at Ghost River Conference Centre, an hour west of Calgary, from July 22 to 24 this summer. For more information, visit

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