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Core strength excercise

This easy knee lift strengthens your core while keeping your spine upright and reduces strain on your neck and upper back. Plus, you can do it at your desk.

Basic version:

  • Sit straight on a chair with your knees positioned over your ankles. (The rule of good posture and alignment is head over shoulders, shoulders over hips, knees over ankles.)
  • Slowly lift one knee, engaging your core muscles while keeping the rest of your body straight and stable.
  • Aim for eight to 10 reps on each side.

Advanced version:
This version also strengthens muscles in your quads.

  • With your back against a wall, bend your knees and lower slightly in a half squat as you engage your core muscles.
  • Your back should slide down the wall to provide extra support.
  • Repeat eight to 10 times.

Gym Buddies

The only part of you that the Smartphone game Angry Birds will exercise is your index finger. But there are some terrific free or cheap apps out there that will help you track and improve your eating and exercise habits. Here are a few favourites.

iFitness: 99¢

With more than 200 exercises, 100 video and 12 workout routines, this handy app also functions as an exercise planner, letting you chart every leg squat and sit-up.

My Fitness Pal: Free

Maintaining a healthy weight is as much about calories consumed as expended. This app – a Wired magazine favourite – also includes 300+ exercises and a scanner so you can upload nutritional info on packaged foods. Bonus: It works offline.

Relax & Rest
Guided Meditations: 99¢

Part of a series from Meditation Oasis, this app offers five-minute, 13-minute and 24-minute guided meditations. Want to hear more nature music? You can turn up those sounds and turn down the meditation narrator, or vice versa.