Alberta Cancer Foundation

Holiday Giving

In your search for the perfect gift this holiday season there are many reasons to consider giving a donation in lieu of another pair of socks under the tree. You can choose to give because a family member recently had a cancer journey, in memory of a loved one, or in the hope of a new discovery. Often choosing to donate is done in the spirit of shared celebration and the holidays are the perfect time to celebrate the bonds that connect us.

The simplest way to donate in honour of someone is to visit the Alberta Cancer Foundation website When filling out the donation form, choose to have a letter sent to the honoree by filling in their mailing address and name. The honouree will receive a letter telling them about the donation. However, the amount of the donation is not disclosed.

As the donor you will receive a tax receipt for the donation. Also, as donor you can choose to give to general research or have the donation directed to a favoured program by calling Alberta Cancer Foundation at 1-866-412-4222.