Alberta Cancer Foundation

Hooray for Hinton

Little Hinton is home to a host of events that raise money to benefit the Alberta Cancer Foundation in support of the Hinton Community Cancer Centre. Check it out:

The First Annual Steve Daniels Memorial HorseShoe Tourney: August 13, 2012

Pink Quilts : The Rocky Mountain Quilters Guild and the Solomon Creek Quilters Guild have made more than 30 pink quilts in support of the local breast cancer unit, raising $28,145.

Inspire Bracelet Fundraiser: Terri Bainbridge writes on her Facebook fundraiser page: “I have a future vision of our Hinton Community Cancer Centre that has been expanded in size and is visually and physically comforting for the patients receiving treatment and for those who also come to encourage and support their loved ones.” Last year Bainbridge raised $4,025.

Courtney’s Photos: This vibrant photographer has created a calendar and is donating the profits from its sale ($7,000 to date) to the local cancer centre.

The Boob Tour: A stand-up comedy show, this event came to Hinton in 2010 and 2011, benefitting the Hinton Community Cancer Centre.

The Blizzard BBQ: This event was well received in Hinton. Glen Szegi, general manager at Sears, organized the event that was kick-started by a donation from Sears. This event raised more than $1,100.