Alberta Cancer Foundation

Little Guy, Big Dreams

Like most kids his age, Brady Roy prefers to let his parents do the talking when strangers come knocking. Unlike most six-year-olds, though, he’s already made a triple-digit donation to charity.

His grandmother, Rita Britton, died following two years of treatment for ovarian cancer in March. Brady, born March 16, decided to do something unusual for his birthday party to honour her memory. “For his birthday, he asked his friends to take the money they would spend on a gift and asked for a donation,” says his mom Lorraine. Brady’s request resulted in a $575 donation to the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

Lorraine Roy, who says Brady was especially close with his grandmother, encourages her son’s charitable tendencies. “It’s something we’d like him to continue doing,” she says. “I think it’s important to give back to the community.”

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