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How to run right

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Keep your posture straight and erect. If you feel yourself slouching, poke your chest out.

Your arms should be held at waist level, at a height where they could brush your hip. Be sure to keep them tilted to 90 degrees.

Your eyes should be focused on the ground about 10 to 20 feet ahead of you. Don’t look at your toes!

Keep your arms by your side – arm swinging can lead to bad posture, meaning you won’t be breathing as effectively.

To keep your hands relaxed, imagine that you’re gently cupping an egg. Clenching can lead to tightness in the arms, shoulders and back.

Make sure that your feet are pointing straight ahead – running with toes pointed in or out could also lead to injury.

As you run, try to ensure that you land mid-foot and roll through to the front of your toes. Any other way can cause injury or just wastes energy.