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Top 5 cancer apps worth picking up

apps_cancernetCancer.Net: Recently updated to include a Spanish as well as an English version, Cancer.Net Mobile is a free app for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android phone users and features oncologist-approved cancer information for patients. Users can access guides on 120 different types of cancer, keep track of questions for their own health care providers (and record voice answers), as well as save their details about prescription medications, and track their symptoms and side effects. Also included is a section of videos, podcasts and feature articles. The app comes with an optional passcode lock and iCloud backup for medications, questions and symptoms sections.
apps_caringbridgeCaringBridge: Intended to be used in conjunction with the CaringBridge website, the app acts as a social networking site for patients with cancer and chronic medical conditions. It allows users to post personal health information and updates for their family and friends – to avoid having the same conversation with every loved one after receiving test results, for example. Patients can set how private they would like their settings to be. It’s a free app, and available for both Android and iOS-enabled devices.
apps_ichemoiChemoDiary: Patients can keep track of everything having to do with their chemotherapy treatments by mobile device, thanks to this free app designed by drug company, Merck. iPhone and iPad users can monitor not only their chemo appointments, but also medication schedules, and any side effects or symptoms they experience as a result of their treatment or cancer.
apps_termsproCancer Terms Pro: Doctors and other medical professionals often use terms that can easily confuse the layperson, a reality that can make a cancer diagnosis even harder to face. This oncology-specific app acts as a glossary of terminology related to cancer treatment, prevention, and diagnosis, to help decipher physician speak in plain language, and is available for $1.99 for iPhone users.
apps_breastawareBreast Aware: While there are scores of apps to raise awareness for breast cancer, this one, promoted by Breast Cancer Ireland, is among the better options, in that it’s A) free for iOS users and B) shows an actual woman doing a step-by-step breast exam, rather than an animated figure or illustration. It features videos offering screening advice and reminders to do breast exams regularly, as well as tips for being more “breast aware” and advice on possible prevention – such as maintaining a healthy weight and eating a balanced diet – for breast cancer.