Alberta Cancer Foundation

Yoga Classes for Cancer Patients


Yoga Thrive

Various Locations in Alberta

A research-based 12-week therapeutic program for cancer survivors and their support persons, Yoga Thrive originated in Calgary in the early 2000s and has trained more than 100 instructors across North America. The program is a modified version of hatha yoga that addresses conditions common to cancer survivors, such as pain, stress and fatigue. You can find Yoga Thrive classes in multiple locations in Calgary and across the province. There’s also a Yoga Thrive for Youth program for pediatric cancer patients and their siblings.

Iyengar Yoga Centre


This centre offers inclusive programs that can cater to students who are going through cancer treatment and help to address side effects like fatigue and anxiety.

Yoga for Men

Wellspring Edmonton

A gentle yoga program for cancer patients and survivors, this men’s program incorporates meditation and is designed to improve relaxation, flexibility and balance.