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The Alberta Cancer Foundation and our donors are making a difference for Albertans' facing cancer and their families.

Learn more in our 2018 Annual Report

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2018 Annual Report:

Investment Impact


Biobanks are one example of an Alberta Cancer Foundation investment helping researchers better understand cancer and how it develops.  

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Dr. Friedenreich is expanding the provincial breast cancer research program and examining the connection between exercise and cancer.

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Improved Treatment

Alberta researchers are now able to test life saving treatments thanks to our investments into an early stage clinical trials program. 

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of Life

We continue to invest in a provincial strategy that provides more options for care and improved coordination across services.

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Cancer Stories - J'Val Shuster

Personal Cancer Stories

J'Val Shuster

Wellspring Calgary

"It’s hard for me to imagine what my life would look like now if I had not found Wellspring because it was such a big part of my cancer experience. It was a true anchor for me and helped me believe everything was going to be okay."

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Cancer Stories - Linda Neill

Personal Cancer Stories

Linda Neill

Head & Neck Cancer Swallowing Therapy Mobile technology

"It's helped with things most people take for granted."

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Cancer Stories - Jenn Birchall and Pat Murray

Personal Cancer Stories

Jenn Birchall and Pat Murray

Precision Therapy

"In December of 2009, I heard the three words that change everything: "you have cancer.""

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Cancer Stories - Christine Zurburg

Personal Cancer Stories

Christine Zurburg

"The Silver Lining.

+ Read Christine's Story

Cancer stories - Faisel Shariff

Personal Cancer Stories

Faisel Shariff

Alberta Cancer Foundation fundraiser keeps giving back.

+ Read Faisel's Story

Cancer stories - Peter Fargey

Personal Cancer Stories

Peter Fargey

Gifts keep coming through ION’s matching campaign.

+ Read Peter's Story

Cancer stories - Sienna Pierce

Personal Cancer Stories

Sienna Pierce

Pint-sized philanthropist lops her locks to fundraise.

+ Read Sienna's Story

Rajwinder Sarao

Personal Cancer Stories

Rajwinder Sarao

Cancer cost softened by financial assistance program.

+ Read Rajwinder's Story

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