Mark’s passion in life was to help others find their fullest potential.

He pushed us all to look for solutions outside the box,beyond the norm, and he’d always tell us to, “pop your head through the plastic”. As his most cherished mentor always said, “When you’ve hit a wall, have you checked how to get over it, under it, around it or through it?” No matter the obstacle he was presented with, Mark had a unique way of viewing challenges and was a master at finding alternative solutions to any situation.

Unfortunately, Mark hit his wall with colon cancer.

In the spirit of his philosophy, and in loving memory of Mark, we are collecting donations in support of the Alberta Cancer Foundation so that others who are hit with the same wall, are able to get over it, under it, around it and through it. We are setting a lofty target in order to assist the Alberta Cancer Foundation in finding a solution to this terrible disease. Help us.

Donations can be made online here, at the memorial event on October 28, 2016 or by mailing to the Alberta Cancer Foundation at 710-10123 99th St, Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3H1.

Thank you for honouring Mark’s philosophy and his life. Together, we will make a difference.

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