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I believe you need to put back in, more than you take out. I have tried to live this philosophy by donating my time and money. I hope my example inspires others to put give more to the global pot than they take. I have wanted to make a significant difference. I know I have the network and the planning skills to do something really big but I couldn't find the right inspiration to bring this network together in a big way.
On May 7th, 2009 I found the inspiration when I was told I had incurable cancer.
If I could choose a different way to inspire people, I would. I do believe that you are never given anything that you can’t handle. I may not have chosen this, but I do choose to use it to inspire positive change.
On May 7th I was given details on my treatment which includes chemo and radiation. My chemo therapy drugs alone will cost $50,000 and all my treatment is covered. I am extremely grateful that I can take these resources out. I am now focused on a target to help me give back to the pot My pot is raising money for the Alberta Cancer Foundation (ACF) – Brain Specific Research Trials and Grants - Every dollar raised is put into research that helps me survive “incurable” cancer.
My survivor story will be long. Treatment will take years and unfortunately life without cancer is not an option. I know that I am ready for this journey. There is no doubt the journey will bring positive change.
To support this journey I launch the Woloshyn's Warriors Tour - A series of fundraising events, that will raise money for ACF – Brain Specific Research Trials and Grants.
The Tour will include different fundraising activities run by me and you. For complete details on the Tour please visit and click on "Support Alyson". My contact information can also be found at this website.
You Can Join the tour TODAY, by making a direct donation through this page. Click on Donate to this Event.
Alyson Woloshyn
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7/26/2011Keira (my 5-year old) is collecting money "for Alyson's brain" by returning recycled bottles/cans and rolling coins... so expect kid-sized deposits to the foundation :)Tova Leveille
5/13/2011May 7th , 2010 - My Aunt Lucy and Uncle Terry are moving in Ontario and decided to donate the profits of their moving sale to Brain Cancer research. Thanks to my cousins Ken, Dana, Dave and Sheree and all other family who helped. $530 raised - and it was raised on my two year anniversary of diagnosis.McClelland Family Moving Sale
5/13/2011January 16th, 2011 - Mercury Rising Triathletes take on a grueling 3 hour spin class in support of Brain Cancer Research - $2500 raisedMercury Rising Spin Class
7/16/2010What better way to honour the long, active life of a great woman (whose granddaughter is also a great woman) than to support the cause of another great woman?Martha
6/15/2010Cleans out 22 Chartwell Court and raises almost $500 for Woloshyn Warrior tour at a Garage SaleDonna Woloshyn
12/29/2009A night out for Karaoke in Calgary to send Alyson into Radiation with a songRockin Into Treatment - May 2009
12/29/2009All that was on Alyson's registry for her 33rd bday was a donation of $33 to ACFAlyson's 33rd Bday Campaign
12/29/2009May 2009 - Woloshyn Warrior Party to kick off the Woloshyn's Warrior TourAlyson Woloshyn
11/13/2009Airdrie Eyecare Clinic has chosen to make donations to ACF in lieu of a gift exchange at their annual Holiday Party on November 14th, 2009.Airdrie Eyecare Clinic Celebrates the Holidays
11/2/2009Daphne Radford Park is hosting a bday party for her daughter on November 22nd, 2009 and in lieu of gifts for Maya they are collecting donations for the Woloshyn`s Warrior Tour.Maya Radford Park Turns 3 - In Squamish
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