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At the Alberta Cancer Foundation, we are committed to making life better for our fellow Albertans — those who are facing cancer, and their families. It is the collective actions of our coworkers, alongside our volunteers and donors that play a pivotal role in improving the cancer journeys and outcomes for thousands of people in our province, every day.

The Alberta Cancer Foundation fosters a workplace culture that values compassion, innovation and diversity. We encourage flexibility and collaboration as we work and celebrate our achievements as a team.

More reasons to join the Alberta Cancer Foundation team:

  • You share our passion: We all know someone impacted by cancer and we all share a passion for making lives better for those facing cancer. We see the efforts of our work in a very tangible and rewarding way and there is nothing more motivating.
  • Big things are happening: Did you know we just signed the largest single healthcare donation in Alberta’s history? There are big things happening at the Alberta Cancer Foundation, including new partnerships and opportunities and it’s a great time to join this high-performing team.
  • You are free to be you: As an organization, it’s important that we create a safe space for everyone, and that diversity of thought, experience and person drives the best outcomes for all. Everyone is welcome and valued.
  • Learn with the best: At the Alberta Cancer Foundation, we have highly experienced people – some of the best in their field. Our commitment to growth, development and mentorship ensures we are growing some of the best talent in the industry.
  • We put the FUN into fundraising: From entertaining events to high-pressure deadlines and team-building to office pranks, there is no shortage of smiles and laughter.
  • Industry-leading rewards: We believe that talent and performance deserve to be rewarded and that working in a charity sector shouldn’t mean living below the poverty line. Not only do we responsibly celebrate success, but we have an excellent health and benefits plan that gives you and your family the security you deserve.

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