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General FAQs

View our latest report to community for more information surrounding our cost of fundraising.
In 2023, 23,000 Albertans will face their own diagnosis. It’s a big number, a big statistic. Gratefully, Alberta Cancer Foundation donors play a pivotal role in improving their outcomes. Case in point; the mortality rate is steadily decreasing, year after year. While survival rates also continue to improve. Progress is happening. To learn more about how your donations are making an impact on Albertans facing cancer, please see our latest report to our community. To learn more about the statistics surrounding the burden of cancer for Albertans, please visit Cancer Care Alberta’s Report on Cancer Statistics in Alberta
The clue is in our name. No other organization supports Albertans facing cancer as completely as we do. We are Albertans helping Albertans. As the only health foundation in Alberta that supports and covers the entire span of the province, we support all Albertans facing cancer – no matter where they live or the type of cancer they are facing.
The Alberta Cancer Foundation is proud to be the official fundraising partner for all Alberta Health Services cancer centres across the province. Alberta Health Services’ Cancer Care Alberta researchers, clinicians and care teams are critical to our ability to raise funds. As the primary point of contact for patients and grateful families, Cancer Care Alberta employees are key stakeholders and we work closely together with the organization’s leadership to set investment priorities. We are privileged to support Cancer Care Alberta in providing Albertans facing cancer with the best possible treatment and care.
The Alberta Cancer Foundation focuses on ensuring the most efficient use of your donations. Based on the cost per dollar raised, direct mail provides a significant return on investment. Your donations are leveraged to raise even more money to better support Albertan cancer patients.
The Alberta Cancer Foundation does not trade, rent or sell donor names.

Fundraising Ambassadors in Your Neighbourhood FAQs

The Alberta Cancer Foundation is partnering with F2F Direct Consulting to make supporting the Alberta Cancer Foundation easier for communities in Alberta, and help grow our powerful and meaningful base of monthly donors.

Our fundraising ambassadors can be found in retail and grocery stores, as well as at farmers markets. Throughout the warmer months of the year, they also visit individual donors at their front doors to share our gratitude for the donor’s monthly gifts. This is also an opportunity for ambassadors to ask monthly donors to consider renewing, or increasing, their support for new, innovative cancer treatments and patient care programs offered through cancer centres across Alberta.
Direct interpersonal engagement with Albertans is one of the most effective and meaningful ways we can reach out to donors. Monthly donors are integral in providing a stable source of funding for progress in cancer research, prevention and care taking place right here at cancer centres in Alberta. By becoming a monthly donor, tax receipts are consolidated and delivered to the donor once a year. This practice not only lowers administration costs, but is an environmentally-friendly option for keeping track of charitable gifts.
Our fundraising ambassadors visit Albertans who have an established relationship with the Alberta Cancer Foundation throughout the day, but not after sunset. Our presence engaging the public in retail stores and markets is restricted to a particular venue’s hours of operation.
Our fundraisers are paid in accordance with Imagine Canada, Canada Revenue Agency and the Association of Fundraising Professionals  guidelines. We do not pay commissions, nor are fundraising ambassadors evaluated on the value of the donations they receive from the public. Their goal is to engage donors in a meaningful and informative discussion to demonstrate the impact that donor generosity has on cancer research – and the role Albertans can play by becoming monthly donors.
Practicing transparency and promoting truthful awareness in identifying our fundraising ambassadors as legitimate is very important to us. When a fundraiser knocks on your door or is present at a venue in your neighbourhood, please check to ensure they have identification badges and branded attire. Also, our fundraising ambassadors will provide our toll-free number, so you can call to verify the fundraising ambassador’s legitimacy. Here is a list of names and photos of our current fundraising cambassadors (managed by F2F Direct Consulting) F2F Direct Consulting is a third party fundraising consultancy that assists not-for-profit organizations in building stronger brand awareness and dramatically growing their monthly support base. Alberta Cancer Foundation canvassers will be equipped with iPads, identification and branded clothing. The iPad uses “Waysact” or “Evergiving” software to securely capture your information and upon pressing “submit,” your information is removed from the iPad and sent securely to the Alberta Cancer Foundation. Contact the Alberta Cancer Foundation with questions or concerns about our fundraising program: 1-866-412-4222
At venues, our fundraising ambassadors are encouraged to sign-up supporters from a wide age group and are trained to be mindful and respectful of everyone they interact with.
Monthly giving is the most cost effective way to support cancer research and sees a return of about 80 per cent to the Alberta Cancer Foundation. It helps us reduce overall fundraising costs and ensures that we can provide ongoing support for research programs.
Unfortunately, we cannot accept cash or coin gifts at the door. This helps to protect both the donor and fundraiser. If you wish to make a gift, please note that we will accept electronic funds transfer and credit card payments.
Our door-to-door fundraisers carry iPads to collect donor information and show videos from the Alberta Cancer Foundation. Rather than walking through your neighbourhood with a backpack and binder full of sensitive donor information, using iPads allows our fundraisers to securely collect your information. After you’ve clicked “submit” your information disappears from the iPad and is sent for secure processing. A few other reasons our fundraisers use iPads include:
  • Payment Card Industry compliant 
  • Information is uploaded to a server and processed immediately
  • We strictly adhere to all National Standard of Canada Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information and Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.
Ensuring the safety of your banking information is our top priority. All data entered into the iPad will be removed from the iPad as soon as the information has successfully been uploaded to our servers. This means, even if our fundraisers lose their iPad, your banking information will not be available to others. Also, we strictly adhere to all National Standard of Canada Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information and Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.
Becoming a monthly donor means less clutter – but we’ll need to send you a few items for confirmation. You will receive an SMS text message after providing your basic personal information and before submitting your credit card or banking information. An email notification will also be sent within minutes of agreeing to the donation. The fundraiser will leave you with a welcome package thanking you for your support and letting you know about the programs you’re supporting. Finally, every year, we will mail your consolidated tax receipt.

While we are sorry to see you go, we understand that circumstances arise that require you to cancel. You can cancel at any time by calling 1-866-412-4222 or sending us an email at You can also reduce, increase or change your donation amount or schedule.

Fundraising Ambassadors In Your Neighbourhood

Marcel Anderson

Jean Voyer

Suzanne LeVesconte

Dan Meikleham

Jodi Bezolla

Philip Gamache

John Dalisay

John Dalisay

Diane Bettner

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Asim Wahab

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