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Helping People with Cancer Focus on What Matters Most: Healing

The challenges that come with a cancer diagnosis often extend beyond the medical treatment itself—such as navigating a complex health-care system and balancing the demands of day to day living during treatments. These challenges can increase for people with restricted income opportunities, no employee health insurance, and who live in other urban or rural communities across the province. For some, the financial burden of cancer can mean choosing between treatment and simply being able to pay their bills.

The Alberta Cancer Foundation’s Patient Financial Assistance Program offers support to eligible patients who have financial needs, addressing some of the direct costs of care, such as travel and accommodations for appointments and medications not covered by insurance. Patients may also use a portion of their funds towards other indirect expenses, such as groceries or utility bills.

In 2021, the Patient Financial Assistance Program was accessed over 4,400 times by Albertans, with 50 per cent of those families or individuals residing in Calgary and Edmonton, and the other 50 per cent from communities across the province. As the number of new cancer cases increase, so will the need for financial assistance. Because this support program is funded solely by donations, your contributions play a pivotal role in improving the cancer journey for so many Albertans, allowing them to focus on what matters most: healing.

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In 2014, Rose McCarroll found out she had uterine cancer—turning her world upside down. Rose had surgery to remove her uterus, followed by six weeks of radiation therapy and four months of chemotherapy. Being from Blackfalds, Alberta meant many long and costly trips between home and Calgary for Rose’s surgery, treatments and other medical appointments. Impacting her ability to work, the overwhelming financial strain of cancer set in.

“The trips back and forth from Calgary were financially difficult, because I couldn’t work. My husband and I had to rely on one source of income when we were used to two.”

Rose is not the only one whose life and livelihood has been impacted by cancer. This year, nearly 23,000 other Albertans will face a cancer diagnosis—a number of these people will also face financial hardship.

Fortunately, the Patient Financial Assistance Program is here with help.

“We were really struggling and this program helped us get over the hump.”

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If you are a patient, or family member, who wishes to access the Patient Financial Support Program, contact:

Southern Alberta

Tom Baker Cancer Centre
Patient Resource Office

Northern Alberta

Cross Cancer Institute
Psychosocial and Spiritual Resources

To learn more about cancer support programs in your community, please contact Martine Grenon-Lafontaine, Manager of Community Engagement, at 587.224.5865 or